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Terragraph Whitepapers

Read more about Terragraph in our whitepapers linked below.

YTL Communications Trial Report

Starting in 2019, YTL Communications conducted a large-scale trial in George Town, Malaysia, using Terragraph technology to deliver greatly improved speeds to this historic town in Penang.

Magyar Telekom Trial Report

Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiary in Hungary, Magyar Telekom, deployed a Terragraph trial using reference design radios in the towns of Mikebuda and Marko in 2018.

Senza Fili Deep Dive

Senza Fili published a deep dive report in 2021 on Terragraph deployment opportunities as well as conversations with several key Terragraph technology partners and network operators.

SRG Benchmark Study

Signals Research Group (SRG) performed a thorough benchmark study in 2021 on a Terragraph test network at Meta's campus in Menlo Park, CA.

Terragraph Mesh Paper

This paper presents the case for the performance and economic benefits offered by 60GHz Terragraph mesh design over a 60GHz point to multipoint (P2MP) design in meeting the high network availability requirements of a fixed wireless access (FWA) service provider.