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Terragraph CLI

This document describes Terragraph command-line utilities for interacting with Terragraph software.

"tg2" CLI

tg2 is a Lua-based command-line utility for interacting with various software components including the E2E controller, E2E minion, driver interface, and stats agent. Most CLI commands are translated into ZMQ messages and sent to the respective services.

The CLI is intended to serve as a tool for basic debugging, not to provide a comprehensive API. Documentation for individual CLI commands is available via the --help flag. Some top-level commands are shown in the table below.

Category"tg2" commands
Statsstats, event
Driver interfacefw
E2E minionminion
E2E controllercontroller, topology
Informationversion, tech-support, whoami

The tg2 source code is largely contained within src/terragraph-e2e/lua/tg2.lua. It parses arguments using Argparse, uses lzmq for ZMQ bindings, and uses Apache Thrift client libraries and code generators (not fbthrift, which lacks Lua support).

Unit tests for tg2 reside in src/terragraph-e2e/lua/tests/tg2_test.lua. The tests are written using the LuaUnit testing framework.

"tg" CLI

Terragraph also provides tg, a Python-based CLI. tg is similar to tg2 (though usage is not identical) and implements a slightly broader feature set, but runs significantly slower and has largely been deprecated.

A rough categorization of the top-level commands is shown in the table below.

Category"tg" commands
E2Econfig, event, ignition, link, node, scan, site, status, topology, traffic, upgrade, version
Debugminion, scp, ssh

The tg source code resides in src/tg/. The main class is, which parses arguments using Click and invokes the appropriate command submodule. All command submodules reside in the commands/ subdirectory, and inherit the base class BaseCmd (in commands/

The CLI behaves like a standard Click program, with the following exceptions:

  • The program provides an explicit help command (in commands/ which recursively prints Click's --help output for every available command.
  • The main class does some preliminary parsing or arguments before passing them into Click. This is an optimization so that it can only import submodules which are actually needed (i.e. for the command being called).


  • Argparse - Lua package for command-line interfaces (based on Python)
  • lzmq - Lua ZMQ bindings
  • LuaUnit - Lua unit testing framework
  • Click - Python package for command-line interfaces